We promote Wichi Family Farming through training, tools and support for Native American families of Nothern Argentina.

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Water to live


Self-managed community wells provide them with water to drink, sanitize and produce.
Health and work!

Agriculture for growth

From their orchards and greenhouses, families generate the necessary food to consume and sell.
Nutrition and self-management!

Wichi Education

Training in the families’ own language allows greater ownership and sustainability of their projects.
Education and progress!

“We are going to have the harvest soon and it is very nice, I like it very much. I would like this to continue because this will be of great use to those who follow us.”

Regino, farmer.

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Antonio Gómez

WICHI Trainer

He and his team of trainers always work alongside the “edge families” as he usually calls them, those who may not say much but always do. Antonio, as a pragmatic man that he is, is always on those margins, where work does not stop.

SIWOK Method

We train Wichi Trainers who teach and accompany families in their own language and preserving their culture. Thus we achieve the appropriation and autonomy necessary for the success of each project.

Alec Deane


For more than 30 years he learned and promoted a method of working with Wichi communities in the Chaco Salteño, working alongside them to create and multiply their opportunities while protecting their culture.

M’ak tä olhamel ot’ukwe: Ot’uhläk och’ote wichi tä häpehen indígenas, tä law’etes ihi chaco lhip, häpkhilek latamsek ihi wet iche m’ak tä isej. Olhamel owo lahaya wichi lachumyaj tä is alhoho wet och’ote lhamel häpkhilek yakatej inät tä is wet kalelhäj. Häte och’ote lhamel yämlek nemla koyhyaj isej lakäsw’etes lhäy’e iyhäj lechumtes yämthilek hiw’en lhäk tä kalelhäj wet iche m’ak tä isej.

Otichunhayaj: Owatläk ohäpehen iyhäj tä owo t’uhfwaya wet och’ote wichi häpkhilek takhajayhen wet yiklhaphä elhpej comunidad lakhajyhayaj häp tä isej lhamel lechumtes.

Mission: Improve the quality of life of the families of the original peoples of the Chaco Salteño (Wichi) respecting their culture and customs through projects that promote access to drinking water, the development of agriculture and productive enterprises as sustainable sources of food and income.

Vision: To be an organization that together with the Wichi communities can collaborate, accompany and strengthen the sustainability of each one of them through the work of their families.

¡We are proud of our results!


Family Gardens



We want you to be part of what is to come!


Family Gardens



Will you help us to achieve it?

“They see their parents doing this and when they grow up they will do the same. Hatetiwoye.”

Alec Deane, Founder

¡Nalanché lhakäs!

¡Let’s harvest together!

And closely follow our work with the families!

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