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Learn about our Access to Water, Family Agriculture and Wichi Training programs so that families can harvest all year round.

Water for life

Mechanical perforations for 10 families

Professional drillers and our Wichi Trainers dig wells between 30 and 100 meters deep.

¡50 beneficiaries will have water for consumption and food production!

¡90 new families with tools and knowledge to produce!

Agriculture for development

Productive family gardens and greenhouses

Accompanied by our Wichi Trainers and empowered by the water from the new wells, the families produce food to eat and sell all year round. To do this, they use orchards and greenhouses with drip irrigation systems, which save water and increase production. Families address independently the food problems they suffer.

Wichi Training

New technical knowledge without losing their original culture

We train Wichi Trainers who teach and accompany families in their own language and preserve their culture. In this way we achieve the appropriation and autonomy necessary for the success of each project.

¡90 new families with tools and knowledge to produce!

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